LOL kuhwa. USDT suddenly…

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LOL kuhwa.
USDT suddenly found the owners.
The Dutch ING bank, represented by the official representative of Harold Reusken, confirmed that the bank serves the Bitfinex exchange. This happened after the official requests of the two deputies of the Dutch Parliament to the Ministry of Finance. When asked whether the companies are affiliated with the stock exchange, Mr. Reusken declined to respond.
Let me remind you that the scandal with the Bitfinex exchange and its currency USDT (Tether) arose on December 6, when the management of the exchange received an agenda from the American Commission for Commodity Futures. The commission had a fear that surrogates of the Tether dollar, which are in circulation, at a rate of 1: 1 USDT, are not provided with real dollars. And now it becomes clear why this proceedings became known only a month later. It turns out that before that Bitfinex serviced its accounts in the JPMORGAN group, Wells Fargo bank.
Then, when Wells Fargo officially refused to cooperate with the stock exchange in 2017, the assets were simply moved to the Taiwanese subsidiary of the banking group JP Morgan. And now it turns out that all this time Tether’s accounts were opened in the Dutch bank ING, owned by The Rothschild Group. In independent media it is easy to find information that for the first quarter of 2018, ING’s revenues increased by more than 1 billion. And from November 2017 to February 2018, Tether’s total issue was increased from $ 350 million to $ 2.3 billion.
Well, now it is understandable why the American regulator did not squash this pseudo-dollar back in December. Tether, as it turned out, is very influential shareholders. And these are not such founders of the stock exchange, they are all coordinated with world bankers and they are aware of everything that happens in the cryptomir and are directly involved in the process. Mr. Reusken from ING also admitted that the bank would be more willing to work with companies that create added value in the blockroom than with those who simply sell or buy something for crypto-currencies. But after promulgating this significant fact, Tether is looking to buy its own bank
in Puerto Rico.
Now the chain is closed. The world elite is directly involved in creating volatility in the market, with much more opportunities than all the others.
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