EOS pełna centralizacja od…

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EOS pełna centralizacja od początku, dzisiaj zablokowali 7 kont ignorując swój własny sąd eos który miał niby o takich sprawach decydować

Despite ECAF’s initial notice that they would opine on the matter, they instead responded to our request with the stance that they did not have the authority to act during this gray period wherein only an interim Constitution existed. When we learned the ECAF would not change its position, it was clear that the judiciary was not available to the community and these affected community members at this time.

We now found ourselves thrust into a position of acting as both executive and judiciary, which we initially resisted.

sąd się z nami nie zgadza -> chuj z sądem xD

After the top 21 Block Producers reviewed the evidence, we all felt it compelling and chose to vote to temporarily “freeze” those accounts


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As much as the FUDster may scream centralization this is exactly what most people want in a blockchain – human oversight and the ability to fight back against scammers.

Skąd tacy ludzie w kryptowalutach to ja nie rozumiem
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